US Networking User Association Affiliated Groups offer a vendor neutral environment to talk networks. With beer.

Who is the (US)NUA?

We’re engineers that can't wait to unbox that new router, firewall or switch. We have network virtual appliances running in virtual machines on our laptops. We follow network luminaries to learn where the network world is headed and where it's been. Wireshark is our 2nd language. 

If you do these things too, we're like you: Lovers of all things networking!

Network engineering is a rapidly evolving field with a plethora of new technologies introduced all the time. You may be wondering, how does one keep up with all of this new knowledge? The answer is the (US)NUA!

The goal of the US Networking User Association and its Affiliated Groups is to get network engineers together regularly - throughout the country - to discuss the latest and most relevant topics in the network world, in a vendor agnostic and sales-free environment. 

Our Affiliated Groups hold regular formal get togethers and occasional informal meet-ups around the country. There are also tools for keeping in touch like SlackTwitter & LinkedIn, offering multiple ways for you to network with our growing base of professional engineers anytime the mood might strike you!

As always we hope to chat with you face to face at our next event, but in the meantime please take a moment to learn about the 5 Ways To Get Involved with the US Networking User Association today!